feel afraid shirts!!!!

as i mentioned before i am doing a shirt thing

it is a thing where you pay me and i will draw something on a shirt and i will send the shirt to you


> the markers i am using are LAUNDRY PROOF (supposedly) so that means that you will be able to wash them even after a long day of playing in the mud

> the shirts are these sizes: small, medium, or large. i only have, like, five of each right now so if you want one GET IT FAST

> they will be $12 + $3 shipping (in the US for now, i have to figure out international shipping before i’m comfortable giving a price)

> you will pay using paypal most likely

> if you are interested in one, email me at feelafraidcomic (at) gmail (dot) com to claim one, i’ll ask for all the details from there

> if you get in on this first batch in time i will ask you for your address and what you would like on your shirt! you can even tell me to draw whatever i think would be cool on it. i’ll probably throw in the words “feel afraid” on most of them somewhere in a cool way.

> also i will throw a thank you card/sketch in with the orders!