hey, you

i currently am having “life troubles” w/ rent + stuff and i could really use some $$ so i am making ART THINGS myself and passing the savings on to YOU

ever wanted a shirt drawn by me w/ WHATEVER YOU WANT ON IT ??/?

well oh my god your dreams just came true because you can order one here http://feelafraidcomic.com/store/custom-shirt/ 

the custom shirts are a popular item of mine i might even make a post in a little while w/ people’s photos of them in their custom shirts!!

what’s that you say, you don’t want a shirt but you would totally like some sweet artwork or custom comics made for you, digital or otherwise??

well it is your lucky day because i will make you things of those exact varieties!! :0

just email me at feelafraidcomic@gmail.com and talk to me about what you’d like and i’ll work out a reasonable price and make it w/ tender care 

now at this point some of you might be saying, “i don’t really want anything i just love you and want you to be able to sleep at night”

well there is an option for your demographic too because there is a donate button hiding at the bottom of my store page here http://feelafraidcomic.com/store/

i’ll put a post up in a few minutes w/ examples of things other people have commissioned me to make!!!!

you guys are pretty much the best thanks in advance smooch smooch